Hygiene management of Ryokan Yamamuro for COVID-19 infection prevention and "new normal" (as of July 23)

For the time being, Ryokan Yamamuro will take the following measures considering the health and safety of our guests, staffs and partners first.

1) To avoid closed spaces, crowded spaces and close-contact settings (the "Three Cs"), we limit the number of guests and the number of rooms to accommodate.

2) The staffs wear masks while working. Also, encourage hand washing, gargling, and hand disinfection to take care of their health condition.

3) Please wear a mask in the common areas. Please disinfect your hands when entering/leaving the building.

4) A droplet barrier is installed at the front desk counter.

5) We will check your body temperature and your ID verification when checking in. If you have a fever or have a cold, we will contact and cooperate with the Kanazawa City health care center.

6) The room keys are sanitized before theirs are given to the guests.

7) Inside slippers are provided with disinfection. Those are used exclusively for you (not shared with other guests) during your stay.

8) We thoroughly disinfect items which are touched frequently, such as door knobs, taps, remote controls, and lighting switches in all common areas and guest rooms.

9) Hand sanitizers and disinfectant equipments are provided in the common areas and guest rooms.

10) Ventilation in the common areas and guest rooms is more frequent than usual.

11) We have air purifiers or air conditioners equipped with air purifiers in the common areas and guest rooms.

12) Water server and welcome drink service are not provided now.

13) The shared bathrooms are reserved for each guest room use.

Bungo Yamamuro, host